terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Os reis do chill out

A poucos dias da saída de "Love 2" - estará nas lojas no dia 5 de Outubro -, o The Independent chegou à fala com Jean-Benoit "JB" Dunckel e Nicolas Godin, o duo que dá corpo e voz aos Air. Uma fantástica conversa que pode ser lida aqui. Fica um pequeno excerto:

The publicist interrupts our reverie; in truth, I have no idea by this point whether we've been talking for an hour, or – as is the case – two and a half times as long. Maybe it was the 5am start to get the Eurostar. I ask one final question: what is the unique thing about Air that explains their lasting appeal in a world changing faster than the countryside through the window of a TGV?

They bring it back to girls – cryptically, of course. "I'd much rather go out with an ugly girl who can dress than a pretty girl who dresses like some kind of redneck," says Godin. "For me, style is everything."

But it is Dunckel, the quiet one, who offers the coda that will stay with me as I exit the delightful confines of their Belleville studio, squinting in the Parisian sunshine. "I'd rather have an attractive girlfriend, with bad taste," he argues. "Because even if she dresses badly, it doesn't matter what her clothes look like when she's naked."

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