terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Tinta permanente

Ligar um ukulele de um branco imaculado a um espectáculo desenfreado de pintura em movimento é coisa que, à partida, ninguém se lembraria, até que a ideia chegou à imaginação de Lisa Hannigan (cantora) e Myles O'Reilly (realizador).

O videoclip para o tema "Knots", que faz parte do longa duração "Passenger" a ser editado ainda este mês, é uma pequena pérola visual e um forte indutor à boa disposição. O Fusco partilha o momento artístico e algumas linhas em modo de legenda.

Lisa Hannigan:
The idea for this video was that the instruments would be played by paint (the drums are metallic spray cans, the strings are blue and green from above, the horns are orange) and would be flung at me in accordance with their part in the song. Up until the end, when everybody threw paint at me by the pint. We shot our one and only take in a front garden in Dublin, and we used three spray cans, four squeezy bottles, five water pistols and four buckets of poster paint — which, incidentally, tastes like wet chalk.

Myles O'Reilly:
I was delighted when Lisa asked me to shoot a video for Passenger. I had been documenting performances and rehearsals for little diary clips on her site, and she liked my style, so it was an honor to be asked to shoot a proper promo vid. We both felt that the video had to be lighthearted, simple and loads of fun. Lisa had the idea for "Knots" to have the band pelt choreographed paint at her. I do regret that I was the only one on set who didn't get that opportunity, my primary duty being to make sure the camera kept rolling.

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